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Our Contact Us form provides you with a selection for your type of request.  This will help us to respond to your request promptly.

– BOOKINGS:  Use the Booking / Request button if you are interested in having the AVCC/JVs sing at your event.  Please provide details such as type of event, proposed date and time.

– CONCERT TICKETS:  If you’d like to arrange tickets for an upcoming concert, let us know and we’ll do our best to connect with you to help you have tickets before the concert.  Our choir members have tickets to sell as well and if you know a singer, they should be your first contact.

– ADVERTISING:  We offer advertising in our concert programmes to local merchants and service providers.   These ads will be seen by an estimated 500 potential customers during each concert series.  We offer different sizes.
Rates: $50 for business cards; $70 for half page (approximately 4 x 5 inches); $140 for full page.

– SPONSORSHIP:  We offer sponsorship opportunities for special projects such as our CD where sponsors were acknowledged at our launch concert in 2014 and in the CD booklet.  If you would like to become a sponsor we’ll be pleased to speak with you.

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